SAP Scripts - Text and Graphics

You can also add graphics to SAPscript - logo, images, etc. To use graphics in script, you need to import them to R/3 system. This can be done using Transaction code SE78 or you can also run report RSTXLDMC.

You have to enter the name of the graph and the image type supported is .tmp file or .bmp file. You can directly import images to R/3 system which are in .tif format, as they are stored as standard text and can be included in SAPscript using ‘Include’ statement.

To use the images which are not in .tif format, you need to convert them to this format.

Add Graphs to SAPscript

Step 1 − Run Transaction Code SE78.


Step 2 − Expand the tree and from the left side select bitmap image. Click the Import button.

Import Button

Step 3 − To select .bmp image, click the arrow as shown in the following screenshot.


Step 4 − Once you select the file, enter the name of graph and description. Click the continue button.

Import Graphic

Step 5 − Click the Preview button on the application toolbar.

Application Toolbar

You can see a picture logo as shown in the following screenshot.

Picture Logo

This is how you can add logos, images to SAP system.