SAP Scripts - Save a Document

When you save a document in the SAP system, it is stored in SAP database. Using the find option, you can see a list of all the documents in the database. You can view the predefined document and also the customized documents that are created in the system.

To save a document, go to Text → Save.

Let us say we have opened the following document for editing and made changes to the document.


To save the document, navigate to Text option at the top → Save.


You can also maintain different versions of a document. Also note that documents are not automatically saved and you should save a long document periodically. If you log off from SAP system without saving a document, then the document is lost.

To maintain a version of the document, click Save as and enter the text name, the text ID, and the language.

Save Text as

To view the version, you can find the document in the list of available documents under Find option.