SAP Scripts - Format Conversion

SAPscript are stored in Interchange Text Format (ITF) and you can convert them to Rich Text Format (RTF) and ASCII format using Word processors. To perform the format conversion to convert ITF to RTF format, you need to execute a format conversion from document template to SAP Script paragraph.

SAPscript editor allows you to perform the following format conversions −

  • You can export texts in format RTF, ASCII, HTML to a local file on the system.

  • You can also import the local files in formats – RTF, ITF and ASCII.

Importing and Exporting RTF Files

While exporting a RTF file, one paragraph or a character format can be mapped to exactly one paragraph or character style.

While importing RTF files, it can be divided into two parts – One-paragraph format is exactly mapped to one paragraph script format and one-character format can be mapped up to four SAP Script character style.

To perform RTF export, go to Text → Download.


You have to choose Rich Text Format (RTF) and click Transfer → Enter complete file path, the document template, and the form or style and select Transfer.

To perform RTF import, go to Text → Upload.

RTF Import

Select Rich Text Format (RTF) and choose Transfer → Select the complete file path and the document template. Then, choose Transfer.