SAP Scripts - Output Mode Spool

RDI output format consists of four types of record values. Each record contains a flag that tells the record type - Header (H), Data (D), Sort (S) and Control (C).

  • Header Record
  • Data Record
  • Sort Record
  • Control Record

Header Record

Each form that you send to an external text system for print, it starts with a flag - H that shows the Header record structure. Header part of the document contains the following fields −

  • Form name
  • Document number
  • RDI version
  • Language
  • Device type
  • Client and many other fields in Header Record structure

Sort Record

This field comes after the sort field and is represented by flag - S. Each form contains 10 internal and 5 external sort fields, 32-characters length for each field.

Data Record

This comes after the sort record and contains a flag - D that shows the data record structure. It contains the following fields −

  • Form window name
  • Start of the next main window
  • Name of the text element
  • Start of the text element
  • Symbol name to identify symbol in the text element
  • Value of the symbol

Control Record

Each document contains a control record represented by flag - C and is used to interpret the data in the form. Control Record provides the following details −

  • Code Page and Language Information − When you use an insert statement to add a text in other language, the system adds the control record that contains Code Page and Language to write the data record. For code Page - CODEPAGE keyword is used and for Language - LANGUAGE keyword is used.

    Example − CCODEPAGE 1000 LANGUAGE DE

  • Page Name − Using the control record, when you start a new page you add a control record to specify the page name. Keyword used to specify page name - PAGENAME.