SAP Scripts - Layout Set

Layout set is a kind of program to output documents using a programming interface. Layout set is a part of SAP Script and is used to define the layout of print pages and uses text elements to supply the output block that can be called by a Print program. Layout set itself doesn’t contain any data and selection of data for the document is done using the print program.

When a print program is called, data from database is selected and passed to the layout set. When a print program is executed, the document is printed.

Layout set contains the following elements −


Layout set header contains the administrative information and also the settings for the other components.


Paragraph provides all the information required to format a paragraph of text and fonts. To create a Paragraph, click the Paragraph format as shown in the following screenshot.

Paragraph Formats


When you feel your output is too long and it won’t fit in one page, you can create a new page to print the remaining part. You can show the remaining part with different page settings.

To create a page, go to Pages Tab. Enter the page name and provide some description.


Change Pages

Page Window

When you have a full window of type MAIN, a page break is triggered by SAP Script automatically and the remaining text of the output appears in the main window of the subsequent page. Page windows of type MAIN have the same width throughout the layout set.

Page Window

Character String

These are used to define font settings of the output text. You can override paragraph settings for the specific words in a paragraph.


An output document can be organized onto pages using Windows. In Layout set, you have the following types of Windows −

  • Main − There is only one Main window which is created by default. This window can flow over multiple pages.

  • Constant − There can be multiple number of constant windows and each constant window can be used once per page.

  • Variable Window − The contents of variable windows are processed again for each page, on which the window appears.