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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


The primary applications are SAP General Areas, SAP Supply Network Collaboration SNC, SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM, Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), Forecasting and Replenishment FRE and SAP Transportation Management TM.

Q 2 - Functions related to Supply Chain management in SAP ERP system are all of the following except?

A - Supply chain planning

B - Supply chain execution

C - Supply chain collaboration

D - Supply chain cooperation

E - Supply chain coordination

Answer : D


SC Collaboration

This is used to help in making collaborative forecasts and agreements.

SC Planning

This is used to generate the operational plans as per current and relevant data in the system.

SC coordination

This component in Supply Chain is used to coordinate the exchange of data and information between different business units.

SC Execution

This is used to ensure that you execute the supply chain plans in the best possible manner to get the desired result.

Q 3 - Which of the following module of PP is used to fill demand and supply gap?



C - Work Center

D - Routing

Answer : B


MRP run or planning run is an engine which is used to fill demand and supply gap.

Q 4 - Which of the following transaction code is used to create Planned Independent Requirement PIR?

A - MD61

B - MD62

C - MD04

D - MD05

Answer : A


Use T-code MD61 or go to Logistics → Production → Production Planning → Demand Management → Planned Independent Requirements → Create

Q 5 - How many BOM’s can be created for a product?

A - 9

B - 99

C - 999

D - 100

Answer : B


You can create up to 99 Bills of Material.

Q 6 - In SCM, you can assign one or more planning versions to a model?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 7 - In CIF integration model, to transfer data from R/3 system to SAP SCM what is PDS usage type?


B - PP/DS subcontracting

C - SNP & SNP subcontracting

D - None of the above

Answer : C


In CIF integration model, you should select PDS type as SNP or SNP subcontracting. This allow R/3 data to be transferred to SAP SCM system and SNP PDS is generated from it in Supply Chain system.

Q 8 - In Supply Chain process, it includes the chain of entities involved in the planning, procurement, production and ANSWER of products?

A - Distribution

B - Supply

C - Demand

D - Transport

Answer : A

Q 9 - Supply Chain process is linked to which of the following discipline?

A - Marketing

B - Logistics

C - Operations

D - Finance

Answer : B

Q 10 - Which of the following is used to fill the demand and supply gap in Production process?


B - MRP run

C - Work Center

D - Routing

Answer : B


MRP run or planning run is an engine which is used to fill demand and supply gap. Issues & Receipts are called MRP Elements.