SAP SCM - Supply Network Collaboration

Using Supply Network Collaboration, it allows you to synchronize information flow in a company and its suppliers. You can include key steps related to purchase order processing, supplier inventory, etc. can be implemented.

In SAP SNC, you can perform the following tasks −

  • Custom Key figures
  • Creating alert notifications
  • Custom alerts
  • Configuring UI enhancements and hiding column in ALV and many more

Creating Alert Notification

Step 1 − To create alert notifications, use T-code: /SCMB/ANOTMP -Create/Change Message Profile.

Step 2 − Next step is to copy SAP_COLL message profile into a message profile as shown below −

Message Profile Overview

Step 3 − In the next window, you have to enter the following fields −

  • Application field is ALEN
  • Message mode is set to Collective Message so that you receive a single e-mail with all relevant alerts.
Message Profile

Step 4 − Next go to message parameter button to define additional parameters like ITEM ID, LOC ID, etc.

Message Parameters

To save the settings, click the save button.