SAP SCM - Planned Order Creation

In SAP system, you can create a planned order request during planning run for a plant to trigger the procurement of material with the certain quantity for a specific time period.

Planned orders are created as a result of shortage of materials that are set to internal procurement, will create planned orders and you can convert planned orders to production orders using T-Code: CO40/CO41.

Step 1 − You can create a planned order manually using T-Code: MD11 or automatically via MRP run using T-Code: MD01/MD02. You can also navigate to Logistics → Production → MRP → Planned Order → Create.

T-code MD11

Step 2 − In the next screen, select Planned Order Profile to choose the type of Planned order to be created. You can select from the following options.

Planned Order Profile

Step 3 − Here, we have selected a Stock order. Click the green tick to create a planned order in system.

Planned Order System

Step 4 − In the next window, you can see Planned order Stock order creation screen. Enter the details as shown below −

In Header tab, select the following values −

  • Material
  • MRP Area
  • Order Quantity
  • Dates/Time
  • Production Plant
  • Storage location
Stock Order

Step 5 − Next go to Assignment tab.

Step 6 − Select MRP Controller field to select Controller option.

Step 7 − Enter Production Supervisor if not selected. In a company, you can find multiple options.

Production Supervisor

Step 8 − Next is to select Acct Assignment Category.

Acct Assignment Category

Step 9 − Next go to the Master data tab and enter lot size. Following are the available options −

Master Data Tab

Step 10 − To finalize the Planned order, click the Save button.

Create Planned Order Stock

You will get a confirmation- Planned order created and the number displayed.

Step 11 − To go to Production order from Planned Order, use T-code: CO40.

Code C040

You can navigate to Logistics → Production → Production Planning → MPS → Planned Order → Convert to Prod Ord.

Convert to Prod Ord

Production Order Create