SAP SCM - Production Data Structures

Production Data Structure is known as the structure of master data that can be used in planning process. In SAP APO, a structure is created from production version, or from BOM or a production version in SAP DIMP.

You can differentiate Production data structure as per the following −

PDS generated from SAP R/3 system

In SAP ERP system, PDS generated from production version or from BOM, which has the details about production cycle and the component assignment for the production of a product.

You can also use PDS in Advanced Planning and Optimization as a source of supply for inhouse production. PDS are generated when you transfer the master data using Core Interface in APO system from SAP RP system.

In SAP system, Production data structures generated from SAP R/3 master data contains the following data.

  • Bill of material
  • Master recipe
  • Routing

Note − In SAP APO, you cannot change the data in PDs and can only display the data.

PDS generated from Integrated Product and Process Engineering iPPE

Production data structures from iPPE master data has the following data −

  • Product structure
  • Process structure
  • Factory layout

Production Data Structure in SAP APO

To display Production Data Structure −

Step 1 − Navigate to SAP Easy access Supply Chain Management → Advanced Planning and Optimization → Master Data → Production Data Structure → Display Production Data Structure.

Advanced Planning and Optimization SCM

Display Production Data Structure

Step 2 − In the next window, select the following fields.

Load Production Data Structure

To change the PDS data, it should be changed in data in SAP ERP and generate the production data structure PDS using SAP APO core interface CIF.

SAP APO Core Interface (CIF) is known as the interface that allows you to exchange data between SAP APO and ERP system.

You can perform the following functions using CIF −

  • Source and target system determination within complex system environments.

  • Supply of SAP APO with the master and transaction data relevant to planning.
  • Transfer of changes to transaction data.
  • Return of planning results from SAP APO.

Production Data Structure in ERP

When you transfer using SAP APO core interface, production data structure is created in the model 000 and the active planning version 000.

Step 1 − To assign a different planning version to PDS, In SAP Easy Access → Logistics → Central Functions → Supply Chain Planning Interface → Core Interface Advanced Planner and Optimizer → Integration Model → Change Transfer → Production Data Structure → Transfer Production Data Structure

Different Planning Version to PDS

Step 2 − Select logical system and selection criteria as shown below −

Logical System and Selection Criteria

Note − You can generate SNP PDS from BOM’s, production version data, and work plan in SAP R/3. In CIF integration model, you should select PDS type as SNP or SNP subcontracting.

This allows R/3 data to be transferred to SAP SCM system and SNP PDS is generated from it in Supply Chain system as shown in the image given below −

Production Data Structure

The name of PDS in APO is same as a source of supply and contains name of the product, the plant, and the production version and you can check this in product view.

Performing Change Transfer: Production Data Structure and BOM

Change transfer option can be used to make transfer changes, which are made to master data in Supply Chain like production version, routing, object dependency, transfer materials, classes and characteristics and work centers by unselectind the check box- Change Transfer.

The Bill of Materials transfer changes.