SAP SCM - Integration

To transfer master and transaction data from ERP system to SCM system, you need to define an integration model. An integration model specify which data objects from ERP system is to be transferred from total objects available.

You can create the integration model for master data like- BOM, routing, campaign management details, uplift quantity. Integration is also required to move data from SAP SCM system to ERM modules- like CRM to move sales quantity data, etc.

You can perform integration between SAP Customer Relationship Management and SAP Supply Chain Management SAP SCM to perform the following activities −

  • If you want to move the baseline sales quantity from SAP SCM to SAP CRM.
  • To transfer the uplift quantity from CRM module to Supply Chain Management.

You can use trade promotions or campaigns to include in Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning SNP in SAP SCM.

In SAP SCM, to create an integration model, you need to choose the object like- Material masters on create Integration Model selection screen. Then you have to mention the selection criteria that further restrict the object types you have already selected.

When you select object Material Masters, select MRP controller to define the filter objects. Filter objects are used to select which data objects are transferred to a specified SCM system.