SAP SCM - Forecasting & Replenishment

In Supply Chain Management, Forecasting & Replenishment enables the planning and executing of inventory strategies. It performs the streamlining inventories with supply chain and lower overall inventory levels and cost.

Following are the key functions that you can perform using SAP SCM F&R −

  • Demand forecast
  • Alert-driven manual interventions
  • Monitoring the quality of the processes and of the solution implementation.
  • Management of high data volumes.

To use SAP F&R, you have to ensure that following master data should exists in the system −

  • Product
  • Supply network
  • Calendar
  • Procurement cycle
  • Location product
  • Location

SAP F&R Administration

In SAP F&R, you can configure the control settings to perform the automatic replenishment in the following fields

  • Administration for system data
  • Administration for locations

Step 1 − To perform administration of F&R, navigate to SAP Easy Access → Forecasting and Replenishment → Forecasting and Replenishment Processor → Administration

Administration of F and R

Step 2 − In the next window, you can see option of System data and location data.

F and R Processor Administration