Advanced Planning and Optimization APO

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization provides a range of functions that can be used to plan and execute the supply chain processes in an organization.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization supports the following features −

  • You can use this to perform collaboration on a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level.
  • This is used to perform the coordination between partners at all stages of the supply chain process.
  • You can achieve constant optimization and evaluation of the supply chain network’s efficiency.

Supply Chain Monitoring

You can use the Alert Monitor to monitor whether your application is running without problems. You can use alert profiles to specify in what situations the system reports the problem.

Using alert monitor, you can monitor all the alerts that have occurred, and can move the application directly to see the problem.

You can only use the Alert Monitor in these applications −

  • Advanced Planning and Optimization
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
  • Extended Warehouse Management

Step 1 − To access Alert Profile Maintenance, on the SAP Easy Access screen, go to Advanced Planning and Optimization → Supply Chain Monitoring → Current Settings → Set Alert Monitor.

SAP Easy Access Screen

Step 2 − You can also access the alert profile by clicking on alert profile transaction.

Alert Monitor

Step 3 − You can display or change the overall alert profiles and the application-specific alert profiles by navigating the hierarchy as shown below.

Alert Profile Maintenance

There are various tasks that can be performed under Advanced Planning and Optimization in Supply Chain Management.