SAP SCM - Transfer Changed Master Data

Let us see how to transfer changed Master Data.

Step 1 − To transfer changed master data and production versions to SAP SCM, go to Logistics → Central Functions → Supply Chain Planning Interface → Core Interface Advanced Planner and Optimizer → Integration Model → Change Transfer → Production Data Structure PDS → Transfer Production Data Structure

Transfer Changed Master Data

Step 2 − Next, select the logical system and planning version to which you wish to transfer the data and also choose the material and the plant.

Using these options, you can transfer the data changed like production version, BOM, routing, object dependency, etc.

Transfer the Data Changed

Step 3 − If you have changed material masters, work centers, classes and characteristics and you want to transfer these changes, you should uncheck the box Change Transfer.

Transfer of Production Datastructures

Step 4 − Next click the execute button at the top.

Execute Button

If you have Integration model defined, you will see the result of PDS generation.