SAP SCM - Transportation Management

This component is used under Advanced Planning and Optimization to plan and execute complete company transportation process. This is managed using Transportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling component

In SAP R/3 system, all sales orders, purchase orders, returns, and deliveries that you create, are transferred to APO using Core Interface. The result of TP/VS planning are planned shipments that have to be transferred to R/# system. The Logistic Execution component is used for execution of transportation.

SAP R3 System

To perform shipment monitoring, you can use Event management.

To perform transportation process, you have to perform −

Integration of master data

You create master data that is required for transportation management in SAP R/3 and this data is transferred to APO using Core Interface. Following master data can be created in R/3 system −

  • Customer
  • Material
  • Vendor

You have to define an address and this address is used by Advanced Planning and Optimization system for transportation.

To use shipping points as source locations in TP/VS, you have to set Use Shipping Point as Source Location indicator in Customizing for TP/VS as shown below −

Navigate to Production → DRP Distribution Resource Planning → Basic Settings → Basic Settings for Vehicle Scheduling.

Navigate to Production

Integration of Transaction data

You can also create transaction data for transportation management like- orders in R/# system and this can be moved to APO system using Core interface.

You can create a standard order in SAP Easy access, Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Order → Create

Create Standard Order

In the next screen, you have to enter the following fields −

  • Order Type
  • Sales Organization
  • Distribution Channel
  • Division, etc.
Create Sales Order

Custom Settings in APO

For Transportation management, you have to make TP/VS customizing settings in APO system.

Defining publishing-types shipment and delivery

You need to maintain publishing-types shipment and delivery.

To define this, navigate to Integration with SAP Components → Integration of SAP SCM and SAP APO → Basic Settings for Data Transfer → Publication → Maintain Distribution Definition.

To define means of transport system, navigate to master data → Transportation Lane → Maintain means of transport.

Means of Transport System Navigation

To define availability and item of standard optimizers for SAP APO and the access to these optimizers, navigate to Basic settings → Optimization → Basic Functions → Maintain master data for optimization server.

Item of Standard Optimization