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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following contain objects like mapping, interfaces and process definitions in PI system?

A - Services Registry

B - Enterprise Service Repository

C - System Landscape Directory

D - Integration Directory

Answer : B


Enterprise Service Repository is used to store design time repository objects like mapping, interfaces and process definitions in PI system.

Answer : D


In SAP PI, Enterprise Service Repository is used to design and create objects to be used in integration scenario. You can design Interface objects, mapping objects and integration processes.

Interface Objects − Service Interface, Data type and message type

Mapping Objects − Mapping of messages as per sender and receiver data structure

Answer : C


In case of a failure, sender needs to send a message again.

Receiving system should be configure to check duplicate messages.

In this scenario, sender application is blocked till a response is received or a time out error occurs.

You can’t configure multiple receivers

Q 5 - In SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine, which of the following objects do you use to configure message processing?

A - Sender Agreement

B - Receiver Determination

C - Classical configuration

D - Integrated configuration

Answer : D

Answer : C


In SAP PI file to file scenario, we transfer a file from source system to target system. Once the components are built in SAP PI, you can transfer a file in SAP PI system by creating objects in Enterprise Service builder.

Q 7 - In SAP PI communication, which of the following is not a characteristic of quality of service support?

A - Best Effort BE

B - Exactly Once EO

C - Exactly once in order EOIO

D - First in First Out FIFO

Answer : D


Following are the characteristics of QoS support −

  • Best Effort BE
  • Exactly Once EO
  • Exactly once in order EOIO

Q 8 - In SAP PI, which of the following is not a classification type of monitoring function?

A - Component monitoring

B - End-to-end monitoring

C - Message monitoring

D - Performance monitoring

E - Application Monitoring

Answer : E


The monitoring functions are classified into categories −

  • Component monitoring
  • End-to-end monitoring
  • Message monitoring
  • Performance monitoring

Q 9 - If an errors occur when an SOAP message is being processed, the errors are shown in?

A - SOAP Header

B - SOAP Body

C - HTTP Header

D - HTTP Body

Answer : B


If errors occur when an SOAP message is being processed, the errors are shown in the SOAP body. To transfer this processing error in the SOAP body, the SOAP specification defines the SOAP fault element.

Q 10 - Using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, you can allow applications to be consumed by popular devices through application-specific content not requiring routing across different backend?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A