SAP PI - ccBPM Configuration

While using ccBPM, the integration process used in ccBPM receives inbound message but also sends messages to the corresponding receiver business system.

ccBPM consists of a Graphical Process Editor and a Business Process Engine. Business Process Editor opens when you select an integration process.

To open Business Process Editor, go to ESR → ES Builder → Design Objects Integration directory on SAP PI tools page.

ES Builder

Display Namespace

SAP PI — Integration Processes

The Display Integration Process screen opens, and the Graphical Definition of the Integration Process is displayed.

The Business Process Editor starts when you double click an Integration Process. It consists of the following areas −

  • Area with header data
  • Graphical definition area
  • Properties pane
  • Process over view area
  • Processing log
  • Object area

Steps in an Integration Process

The steps that are configured in an integration process are either message steps or steps related to a process.

The following are message-relevant steps

  • Receive a message
  • Send a Message
  • Determine receivers for subsequent send steps in the process
  • Transform a message

The following are process-relevant steps

  • Switch
  • Block
  • Control (trigger exceptions or alerts)
  • Fork
  • Container operation (processing of data)
  • While loop
  • Wait