SAP PI - Display Design Objects

Consider a company that has many interfaces and each interface contains a middleware. You want to see the different types of middleware that are used. This can be done by logging into SAP PI tools Start Page.

Step 1 − Use Integration Builder URL or T-code — SXMB_IFR.

Design Object

Step 2 − Go to System Landscape Directory on SAP PI 7.3 screen.

System Landscape Directory

Step 3 − Click Product as shown in the following screenshot. If you are prompted to enter username and password enter the details.


Step 4 − To see the technical system, the software component is assigned to, enter the product name and click Go.

Using Filter

Step 5 − Click the product name and go to the Installed System tab on the details pane. You can check the name of the assigned technical system there.

Product Name

Step 6 − If you want to see which business system is derived from this technical system, select the technical system. You can also check it by going to the SLD home page → Business Systems.

Business System

Step 7 − Enter the technical system name and click Go.


Step 8 − Name the field that determines the name of the business system.

Name Business System