SAP PI - Creating a Communication Channel


Lets us now understand how to create a communication channel.

Step 1 − Right click Configuration Scenario → New

New Configuration Scenario

Step 2 − You have to create two communication channels — one for the sender and the other for the receiver. Select communication component for the sender and the receiver channel from the list of available components. Enter the name of communication channel and Click Create.

Communication Channel

Step 3 − Select the parameters under Communication Channel. Go to Adapter and click the available adapter types. The Adapter Type depends on the type of scenario. For file to file scenario, you can select file adapter.

Step 4 − The following is a list of available adapters that can be selected for different scenarios.

Available Adapters

Step 5 − The Adapter Type can be selected as the sender or the receiver depending on the type of communication channel.

Adapters Type

Step 6 − Enter the path of the directory for source file.

Source File

Step 7 − Once you enter the source file, click Save. Click Activate button once the sender communication channel is saved → Activate → Close.

Save Source File

Step 8 − Similarly, you have to create a communication channel for the receiver. Enter the communication channel component and the name of communication channel for the receiver and click Create.

Edit Communication Channel

Step 9 − Select the Adapter Type as File and and then, select Receiver. Enter the Target Directory and the file name scheme as in the following screenshot −

Adapter type as file

Step 10Save the file and Activate the receiver communication channel. Once you create sender and receiver communication channel, create Integrated Configuration.