SAP PI - Creating Objects

SAP PI is runtime environment that assigns inbound messages to receivers and maps them to another structure or protocol. SAP NW PI requires information about how the messages are to be processed. The information about the design objects are there in PI Enterprise Service Repository ESR and Integration Directory.

Systems that are connected to SAP PI are maintained in the System Landscape Directory (SLD). The data in SLD can be divided into the following categories −

  • Software Component Information
  • System Landscape Description

Software Component Information

It includes information about all available SAP software modules. It also includes possible combinations of software modules along with dependencies. For example, software component, release, support packages, OS versions and database etc.

To check this, go to System Landscape Directory (SLD)

System Landscape

To see all technical systems, their type, versions and last update, go to the Technical System tab.

Technical System Tab

To view products and software components, go to the Software Catalog option.

Software Catalog

Once you click the Product tab, you can see all the products, and also their version and vendor name.

Product Tab

You can also check Software components, versions and Vendor name.

Software Components

System Landscape Description defines the individual system landscape information. Data supplier provides SLD up to date system information at regular time periods.