SAP PI - Modeling Scenarios

A Model shows the exchange of messages between applications and its Design Objects like message types, data types, etc. Model is the basis of an integration configuration scenario and the input and output processing defines the routing of messages. SAP PI modeling scenarios are used to design an integration scenario in SAP PI.

You can use the following two integration scenario models −

  • Process Component Architecture Model
  • Process Integration Scenario Model

Process Component Architecture Model

The Process Component Architecture Model is used for application role SOA backbone. This model includes process component model, integration scenario model and process component interaction model. The process component model provides the detail of internal structure of a process component. The integration scenario model defines the complete scenario across different deployment units and process component. Process component model defines how different components interact with each other.

Process Integration Scenario Model

This is used for application role process integration scenarios. It is the design object of Enterprise Service Builder and is uniquely identified by a name and namespace and you can create multiple versions.

Scenario Model

You need to define a business scenario and business process before you create a process integration model. Process integration steps are performed in applications. An application runs in the form of software component. You can also create multiple versions of software components and the relationship between application and software component is 1:1.