SAP PI - Creating Message Mapping

Let us now understand how to create Message Mapping to map inbound process to outbound process.

Step 1 − Go to Object → New → Mapping Objects → Message Mapping.

Message Mapping

Step 2 − Enter the name of mapping name and click Create as shown above. Now, define source and target message. Drag the message under Message Type to source and target message under mapping.

Define Source and Target Message

Step 3 − Now, map these messages using the available mapping options. Select the function from dropdown and you can see different options available under each tab.

Mapping Options

Example − You have first name and last name in the source file and you want the full name in the target file. Here you can use Concatenate under Text function.

Step 4 − We are now implementing file to file scenario so, we will just select source and target mapping and will directly map if the name and the structure are identical.

File to File Scenario

Step 5 − As the structure is the same, we will use the above method. In the next window, click Apply.

Click Apply

Step 6 − You can see all icons turn green and mapping is shown. Now, save the mapping.

Save Mapping

Step 7 − Activate the Message Mapping. Go to Message Mapping → Activate. Once this Message Mapping is activated, create Operation Mapping in ESR.