SAP PI - ccBPM Overview

Business Process Management deals with cross component BPM. This includes SAP workflow in SAP backend and processing of message on Integration Server.

Cross Component Business Process Management provides SAP NetWeaver Process Integration with functions for stateful message processing, that is, the status of an integration process is persisted on the Integration Server. This means that an integration process can, for example, wait infinitely until further messages are received or until a particular deadline is reached. Moreover, it is possible to process messages further within an integration process.

ccBPM Overview

The above illustration shows that message from system 1, 2, 3 has been sent to the Integration Server and only when all the messages arrived, the composite message has been sent to the target system business system 4. Using cross component BPM, the message that is already on the Integration Server, is made persistent. Any other message that comes to the Integration Server, a relationship is defined between messages to ensure that all messages are sent correctly. Business Process Engine is responsible to perform this task in ccBPM.