SAP PI - Creating Integrated Configuration

Let us now understand how to create Integrated Configuration.

Perform the following steps −

Step 1 − Go to Object → New → Under Collaboration Agreement → Integrated Configuration

Integrated Configuration

Step 2 − In communication component, enter the sender component used earlier.

Interface will be the same Service Interface name as for the outbound process created in ESR in the previous steps.

Namespace will be the same Namespace as created in ESR in the previous steps.

Click Create button.

Communication Component

Step 3 − In Inbound Processing tab, select the communication channel as created for the Sender.

Inbound Processing Tab

Inbound Processing

Step 4 − In the Receiver tab, select the communication receiver as shown in the following screenshot −

Receiver Tab

Step 5 − Go to the Receiver Interfaces tab, select Operation Mapping. Click Search and select the Operation Mapping as shown in the following screenshot. Operation Mapping will be created the same way as in the previous steps.

Receiver Interfaces Tab

Step 6 − Go to Outbound Processing tab and select the Receiver Communication channel.

Outbound Processing Tab

Step 7 − Once you are done with the above mentioned setting, click Save and Activate at the top.

Save and Activate

Step 8 − Put the sample.xml file to the outbound folder. You can get a sample xml file from Message Mapping in ESR. Go to ESR → Message Mapping → Test.

Go to ESR

Step 9 − This sample file doesn’t have any data. Create abc.xml file and paste sample xml to that file. You have to add some data to this xml file as shown in the following screenshot.

Sample File

Step 10 − Place this file in the Send folder as mentioned in the directory and file scheme at the time of configuration.

Send Folder

Step 11 − Go to the Receiver folder and you can see xml file with the data inside it.

Receiver Folder

Step 12 − To monitor Adapter Engine → Communication Channel Monitor, go to configuration and monitoring home.

Adapter Engine

Step 13 − Go to Adapter Engine → Communication Channel Monitor.

Communication Channel Monitor

Step 14 − Copy the communication channel Copy the Communication Channel

Copy Communication Channel

Step 15 − You can check the status of file to file scenario. If it is running properly, you will see a green icon under status.

Check Status