Sub Analysis

In a workspace, data is analyzed using a crosstab in a workspace. Crosstab is added as main analysis and you can also add sub-analysis in the form of a graph or a crosstab. Subanalysis is always linked to the main analysis.

For example, when a crosstab is added as main analysis you can add a chart or graph as sub analysis. This sub-analysis represents the same data as main analysis.

To create a sub-analysis, you have to click the Insert button in the toolbar and select Insert a sub-analysis.

Insert Sub Analysis

Sub-analysis is used to focus on a certain set of data in analysis. To focus on a subset, you have to select an analysis and click the Outline button on the tool bar.


You can see the Analysis and Sub-analysis in the workspace. Select the Analysis and click the Display button on the top right side of the screen. You can see an option of Focused Analysis as shown in the following screenshot.

Focused Analysis

Linked sub-analyses now display only the selected data in the main analysis. In the main analysis, select the range of members that you want to display in the sub-analysis.

You can click and drag to select a range, or use SHIFT + CLICK to select a range.

Select Range

Pause and Unlink

Pausing a Sub-analysis

In an analysis, it is also possible to pause a sub-analysis update. Select an Analysis in the Outline Panel on the left side of the screen → Select Display → Click Update Sub-Analysis.


Now once you pause updating sub-analysis, you add dimensions/hierarchies to the main analysis. It will not update sub-analysis as shown in the following screenshot.

Update Analysis

Unlinking a Sub-Analysis

In a workspace in Analysis Edition for OLAP, when you add a crosstab or chart sub-analysis to a sheet that contains an analysis, the new component is linked to the main analysis. Changes that you make to the main analysis (usually a crosstab) are reflected in all subanalyses.

You can unlink the sub-analysis and the sub-analysis is converted to a separate analysis that contains only the focused analysis. To unlink a sub-analysis, select the sub-analysis in the Outline panel → Display tab → Unlink Sub-Analysis.