SAP BO Analysis - Hierarchies

Hierarchies can be used to represent parent-child relationship in an analysis. It is also possible to swap hierarchies to reorient data in the Crosstab as well as swap all axes in an analysis and sub-analysis.

To swap two hierarchies, you have to select a hierarchy and drag it towards other hierarchy that you want to swipe with. When the hierarchy name appears on the other hierarchy, you can release the mouse button.

Release Mouse Button

Swapping All Rows With All Columns

You can also swap between hierarchies in an analysis. Select an analysis or sub analysis and navigate to the Display tab → Swap Axes.

Swapping All

Sort and Filters During Swap Axes

When you swap axes, all the filters and sorts are preserved.

Sort and Filter

Using Pivot Hierarchies

You can use Pivot hierarchy to explore the data in different aspects. On the Crosstab, right-click the member → point to Pivot With.


You have to select hierarchy that you want to pivot with. If you select Currency here, it will add Currency to the Crosstab.


When all the hierarchies are added to the Crosstab, Pivot With option is disabled.

Pivot Disable