SAP BO Analysis - Connecting to SAP BW

In Analysis Edition for OLAP, you can connect to SAP BW data source and take advantages of attributes and variables.

When you connect to BEx query, there are variables defined. You will then be prompted to select the value of variable. An Analysis in OLAP tool supports various variable types −

  • Key Date Variables
  • Hierarchy Variables
  • Characteristics Variables
  • Formula Variables
  • Currency Variables

Connecting to SAP BW

When you select a new Workspace in the tool, you will be prompted to select a data source.

Create New Workspace

In Open Data Source option, you can select different OLAP data types or a BEx query. You can also connect to HANA Modeling views.

OLAP Types

You can connect to Cube/InfoProvider directly or can select Query/Query View to connect to SAP BEx query. When you select Cube, it shows InfoCube in BW and also in HANA database modeling views. When you select Query from the dropdown, you can see a list of BEx query.

Modeling Views

Query View

When you select all from the dropdown list, you can see all OLAP connections pointing to different InfoProviders, BEx query, or direct InfoCubes. When you select an OLAP connection, you can see a list of all InfoCubes in SAP BW/HANA system as per connection properties.

Select any InfoProvider by navigating to the Folder tab and click the OK button.

Info Provider

You can see list of all the key figures and characteristics added to the metadata explorer in the workspace. This is how you can connect to SAP BW data source to perform an Analysis.

Meta Data