SAP BO Analysis - User Interface

When a new workspace is opened, you can see different icons and panels in the user interface. Analysis Edition for OALP tool can be opened via BI Launchpad.

New WorkSpace

When a new workspace is created, you have to select the data source. It shows you a list of all OLAP connections to different database. Once you select the connection, you will be prompted to select an OLAP model.

Following panels are available under the user interface −

  • Task Panel
  • Layout Panel
  • Metadata Explorer
  • Analysis Window
  • Crosstab
  • Chart
User Interface

Task Panel

At the top, you have the task panel where you can perform different operations - Creating a new workspace, Open option, Save Option. You can even change an OLAP connection or remove a connection in the workspace.

On the left side you have a metadata explorer, where all the objects from OALP data source is displayed. You can see different measure and dimension values.

In the middle pane, you have the Layout option, which defines the layout of Crosstab. You have to drag different measures and dimensions to the corresponding columns and rows. You can use the Background option to filter the data in background based on Dimension values.

Background Option

In the right pane, you have Analysis Panel, Crosstab, and Chart. Crosstab and Charts are based on the values selected in the Layout panel.

In the Analysis panel, you have 3 tabs −

  • Analyze ─ Under the Analyze tab, you have an option to apply Filter and Sort.

  • Insert ─ Under the Insert tab, you can add Crosstabs and insert different type of charts.

  • Display ─ Under the Display tab, you can manipulate data under crosstab. You can swap axis, create sub-analysis, define nulls and zeros, etc.

Insert data Cube