Mantis - Roadmap


The Roadmap page has the information about the upcoming versions and the issues that are targeted to be fixed in these versions. This is very useful information to be provided to the team, the users, and other stakeholders.

It also helps prioritize an issue assignment. It keeps track of the progress of issues such as how many issues are resolved/closed, how many issues still need to be addressed, etc.

The Roadmap page gets automatically populated, once the issues are assigned into a "Target Version".

The following screenshot shows where the target version field is present in the Issue Details page.

Target Version Field

Once a Target Version is added into Issue, it appears in the Roadmap page. Roadmap information displays up-to-date progress of all issues.

Users can see the number of issues to be addressed, how many have been resolved/closed as well as the percentage in progress.

The following screenshot shows the Roadmap page with the percentage in progress and the list of issues.

Roadmap Page

If the issues are not assigned to a target version, it will not appear in the Roadmap.

Resolved issues appear with a strikethrough.

If the "Fixed in Version" field is set, it will appear in the Change Log page as well.