Mantis - Introduction


Mantis Bug Tracker is an open source web-based application tool. It is used for Bug Tracking throughout Defect Lifecycle. Along with bug tracking, Mantis supports Release Features to manage various releases of a project or a software.

Mantis is also known as MantisBT, which stands for Mantis Bug Tracker. The name and logo of Mantis refers to Mantidae family of insects. In software, it is referred to as a bug.

Mantis provides Demo, Download (to set up your own Mantis) and Hosting version of the tool. It supports various features for Issue Tracking and life cycle along with Release Management.

The development of Mantis started in 2000 by Kenzaburo Ito. Later in 2002, other team members (Jeroen Latour, Victor Boctor and Julian Fitzell) joined. The basic version 1.0.0 of Mantis was released in February 2006.

In 2012, GitHub became the official repository for the Mantis project source code.

License and Free Trial

  • It is an open source software. License is not required to use its basic version.

  • It provides Demo and Hosting Version for free trails.

  • It supports Download feature to set up your own Mantis software. The user can sign up using email ID.

  • Mantis has different price quotes based on added features that can be seen at


  • To track all bugs/issue throughout Defect lifecycle.

  • To manage at Release level as well.

  • Supports Analytic and Reporting features.

  • Supports plug-in with other softwares and IDE to make it more strong and effective.


Sr.No. Specification & Description

Application Copyright

The copyright is taken by MANTIS System Limited Company (“MANTIS SYSTEM”)

License is taken under GNU General Public License Version 2


Tool Scope

It can be used as a Bug Tracking System


Stable Release

2.1.0 Onwards. Latest release is 2.5.1


Developed Language

PHP as a coding language and SQL for database

Tool supports 49 languages


Operating System

Cross Platforms ( Platform Independent software)


System Requirements

Web Server - Mantis is mainly tested with Microsoft IIS and Apache

PHP - Mandatory extensions are mysqli, pgsql, oci8, sqlsrv, mbstring

Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL


Client Requirements

Firefox 45 and above

IE 10 and above



User Interface Available


Desktop GUI

Mobile UI