Mantis - Issue History


A History is a record of all activities performed on issues such as −

  • Creation of an issue
  • Changes to an issue field
  • Attachment of a file
  • Deletion of comment/work log
  • Addition/deletion of links

In a history record, the user can view the following information −

  • Name of the user who made the changes
  • Time while the changes was made
  • If an issue field is changed, new and old values of the field

Following steps are to be performed to view the Issue History.

Step 1 − Go to View Issue → View Issue Details (by clicking any issue ID) Page to see the history.

Step 2 − Scroll down to the Issue History section OR click the Issue History button as shown in the following screenshot.

Issue History

History records will be displayed as can be seen in the following screenshot.

History Records