Mantis - Edit Issues


Users can edit the details of an issue any time. To edit an issue, the user should open an issue from any of the available options from My View Page or View Issue page from the left menu option.

Following steps should be performed while editing an issue.

Step 1 − Open the issue in View page by clicking on Issue ID.

The user will be able to see various sections of the View Issue Details page −

  • View Issue Details
  • Relationship
  • Users Monitoring this Issue
  • Activities
  • Add Note
  • Issue History

The following screenshot displays all the sections in the View Issue page.

All Sections

Sections View Issue Page

Step 2 − After opening the View Issue Details page, click the Edit button as shown in the following screenshot.

View Issue Details Page

Updating Issue information page opens up showing the editable fields as depicted in the following screenshot.

Editable Fields

Step 3 − After editing the information, click the Update Information button as shown in the following screenshot.

Update Information Button

The updated information and log details can be seen in the Issue History section as seen in the following screenshot.

Issue History Section