Mantis - Features


Mantis supports a wide range of features to attract QAs and other stakeholders for bug tracking. Following are the core features of Mantis.

Core Features

Sr.No. Core Feature & Description

Collaboration and Hassle Free

It makes collaboration with team members and client easy, fast, and professional.

As many users can use the same domain and same set of data. It is available only for Licensed product.


Email Notification

All users or set of team members can get email notification whenever there are any changes, updates, or resolutions on an issue.

Email will be triggered for any action taken by any one among a group of users.

Voting and watching features to keep an eye on the progress for stakeholders.

Use @mention to get the attention of a specific team member for Comments/Description.


Access Control

Admin can grant access to the users based on individual role. It can be applicable differently for each project. Thus, one person can have different level of access for two different projects.



Mantis supports customization at each level.

Users can customize fields for issue creation/view.

Users can customize fields for issue workflow and notification as well.



Dashboard displays assigned to me, unassigned, reported by me and many other standard filters to look at all the issues belonging to individual users.

Timeline feature allow to keep an eye on what is happening across the project.

It displays live stream on the latest actions taken by any team member.


Release Management

Mantis helps to manage different releases. It supports Project Versions to track releases.

Users can create future releases and mark issues for respective release as well.

Issues and release information can also be summarized in a Roadmap page for better understanding.


Time Tracking

Mantis supports its own in-built time tracking feature.

Users can easily enter the time spent on a particular issue. It can help make a report on the spent hours for each issue as an individual or as a team.



Mantis supports more than 100 add-ins to connect with different softwares to make the work easy.

Wide range of add-ins make it universal across the globe - TestLodge, TestRail, TestCollab, Testuff, HipChat, Slack, etc.

It also supports Eclipse IDE and JetBrains.


Common Features

Using Slack and HipChat integration, the team can communicate with each other.

Mantis provides SSO (single sign on) access to log into MantisHub using GitHub or BitBucket credentials.


Customer Support

Mantis Helpdesk is a very popular feature. It allows integrating your support with your internal issue tracking.

Using Grasshopper integration, users get direct voicemail line.