Mantis - Change Status


Status is the property of an issue that helps to track the progress of an issue as well as provide the actual current status of an issue.

Mantis supports the following status - New, Feedback, Acknowledged, Confirmed, Closed, and Resolved. Users can change the status of an issue based on the work done.

Following steps should be taken to change the status.

Step 1 − Go to the View issue section and click the Issue ID of the status that has to change.

Step 2 − Click the dropdown beside “Change Status to” and select one of the statuses.

Step 3 − After selection, click the button “Change Status to” present at the View Issue Details section as shown in the following screenshot.

Change Status To

Based on the status selection, the <Status> Issue page opens where the user can add a note, assign to and make it private if desired.

Step 4 − After that click the <Status> Issue button. For example: For feedback, the Request Feedback on Issue page opens.

The following screenshot shows the Feedback status page.

Feedback Status Page

Step 5 − Click the Request Feedback button and the status of issue is changed to feedback as shown in the following screenshot.

Request Feedback Button