Navigating Through Google Plus

When we land on Google+ page, we will come across a left sidebar.


Following are the tabs on the sidebar.

  • Home tab is the timeline comprising the posts shared by others.

  • Collections tab is where we can collect different posts under different attributes. This is helpful for self as well as others to easily find what they want to see.

  • Communities tab refers to groups of different people who share the same interest as ours. We can join a community to see what is going on in people’s life, share our ideas, etc.

  • Profile tab is the intro page. This is where we can write a short description of our page or business. Users can view our interest boards and posts.

  • People tab is where we can see our followers and who we are following. This is where we receive some suggestion from the application as to who could be our interest or pal.

  • Notification tab is where we will be notified of all the activities taking place in our account.

  • Setting tab is an important tab. Using this tab, we can set our account as we wish to. We can edit people activities related to our account such as who can send notifications and comment on our posts, who can view our activities. We can even decide the privacy of our photos and videos. Edit how our profile looks to people and restrict our stream layout. We can even share our location if we desire.

  • Feedback button, as the name suggests, allows us to send feedback.

  • Help section supports us with issues we are having difficulty with.