Google Plus - Circle Settings

Through Circle Settings, we can control who gets to see our profile and posts. People who are in our circle, will see our profile and the posts we share, unless we restrict them. They will even come to know what we are sharing with other people.

Hide/Show Information to Circles

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Hide Show Inforamation of Circles

Step 2 − Click the hamburger Hamburger Icon icon from the left corner of the page.

Step 3 − Select the option ‘Profile’.

Option Profile

Step 4 − Click ‘About me’ option situated on top of the cover page.

Step 5 − Edit the information “Who can see this?” as shown in the following screenshot.

About Me

Who can See This

Who Can See Circles When They View Our Profile

For Android App Users

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − Click the ‘About’ option on the page.

Step 3 − Uncheck the box ‘Show people you have added to circles’ to hide who is in your circle.

Step 4 − Check the box ‘Show people in all circles’ to show the people who are in our circle.

Your Circles

Step 5 − For the option ‘Who can see this?’ choose ‘public’ to show circles or choose ’your circles’ to show only the people in our circles.

Step 6 − Choose ‘private’ if we want no one except us to see it.

For Desktop Users

Same procedure as Android App.