Google Plus Post Ads

+Post Ads ensures that the content or blog is seen by the users of Google+. It helps to affiliate more people to engage to your posts, videos, etc. These ads reach the entire Google+ network and not merely ours.

Our posts or videos get traffic from the entire Google+ network. People can follow us, give us +1 from the ad directly. The +Posts ads on Google+ displays exactly the same way as normal ads. For example, when we create any hangout or event and promote it, the users who see will directly join even if they aren’t in our network.

Advantages of Google AdWords

Following are certain advantages of using Google AdWords.

  • Helps to reach the right audience.

  • Attracts more customers to the content.

  • People not in our network can also like our ad, and can reach us.

  • Engages more number of people to posts than regular posts do.

  • They are cost free and can be posted anytime.

Before creating +Post Ad

One should keep the following points in mind before creating +Post Ads −

  • There should be 1000 followers on Google+.

  • Blog/content must be relevant. Google+ supports family safe videos or contents.

While creating +Post Ad

One should keep the following points in mind while creating +Post Ads −

  • Write clear and relevant matter as the space is given limited. Hence, make Ad lines look attractive.

  • Before promoting make sure to preview the content as a viewer.

  • Use quality images. Make sure they are relevant to the Ad.

  • Use thumbnails while uploading videos to make the photos look enthralling.

  • Highlight special words by using #hashtags.

  • Regularly monitor the posts as anyone might post irrelevant comments.

Creating a +Post Ad

Step 1 − Open the Google+ page.

step 2 − Check that there should be at least 1000 followers. Begin using advertising by creating an engagement campaign.

step 3 − Select a new Ad option and choose the post.

Step 4 − A page pops up. On it is written Create an Ad. Draw photos or content as desired or promote either from any album. The system will direct us to our most recent posts.

Step 5 − If we want to only promote an ad, click ‘Promote’. If we want to change the size, select from the Ad size options.

Step 6 − Click the option ‘Preview’. Then, click Save.

Reviews Handling

Once the Google+ account is verified, customers can drop a review. We can view them and revert back. To view them, we need to be on My Business page.

When someone sends a review, always acknowledge to have seen it. Thank them for their valuable response. Always be humble and polite. Reply thankfully, appreciating the customer for the review. There are times customers might post negative reviews. Keep calm, no matter how bitter it is.

Reach the customer and try to resolve the issue. Try to have a conversation off Google+ page. Apologize and offer to resolve things. Once you are done resolving the issue, humbly ask to update the review on Google+. We should never underestimate the power of reviews, because they are from real customers and we can learn a lot from them.