Google Plus - Claiming Vanity URL

A custom URL is a must for giving people a short and easy to remember address of the page to find our Google+ profile. It will be generated with our name added with a few letters/numbers to make it a unique profile name.

Make sure to create a unique custom URL as we will not be able to change it later. These URLs are advanced and easy to recognize.

Getting a Custom URL for Google+ Profile

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − On the top left corner, click the hamburger Hamburger Icon icon.

Step 3 − Choose the option ‘Profile’.

Click and Get URL

Step 4 − Check near the profile, there is an option ‘About’. Click it.

Step 5 − Scroll down to ‘links’ and search the header ‘google+URL’.

Step 6 − Click ‘Get URL’.


Step 7 − View the options of custom URLs to choose from. Remember to make it unique by adding special numbers and letters.

Step 8 − Next, click ‘I agree to the terms of service’.

Step 9 − Click ‘Change URL’.

The service will ask us to verify our account using the mobile number.

Step 10 − Type the number and click ‘Send code’.

Step 11 − Check and enter the code and click ‘Verify’.

Step 12 − Always keep in mind the URL cannot be changed later, so do it carefully and click ‘Confirm choice’.

Note − We cannot alter our custom URL, however, we do have a choice to change which letters we want to capitalize or which accents we want to have.

Conditions of Getting a Custom URL for Profile

Following are the conditions to be fulfilled according Google+ policy to obtain a custom URL.

  • Account must be at least 30 days old.
  • Profile page should have a profile photo.
  • Account should have 10 or more followers.
  • Account should have a proper standing.

Google+ Custom URL for Business Page

To be eligible for custom URL for business, Google+ page must be a verified business page. The page can also become eligible for custom URL, if it is linked to a website. If the page meets any one of these requirements, we get a notification on the top of the page.

On opening Google+ account, go to the ‘business page’. Check the ‘I agree to the terms of services’ box. There will be three key elements in this policy.

  • Google has the right to “reclaim custom URLs or can remove them for any reason, and without notice.” .

  • You can get the custom URLs for free but Google “may start charging a fee for the URLs.” .

  • Your custom URLs must not contain words or phrases that is offensive and violates the Google policy.