Google Plus - Profile Settings

We can change our profile setting and restrict viewers to see the profile information. We can also regulate whether or not our profile should be discoverable to unknown people during search. Our profile includes - the posts by us or the posts that we are tagged in, the communities created by us or the ones we are following, our collection or the collection of others we are following.

Control Who Can View Profile

Step 1 − Open Google+ account.

Control For Profile View

Step 2 − Click the hamburger Hamburger Icon icon from the left corner of the page.

Step 3 − Click Settings.

Step 4 − Under the General heading, tap the ‘profile’ option.

Step 5 − Go to ‘Profile’ and choose from the available options as required.

Available Options

Step 6 − Check or uncheck how many times the content and profile is viewed.

Step 7 − Check or uncheck whether communities should show on our profile or not.

Step 8 − Check from the following options, what we want our viewers to see.

  • Photos
  • YouTube/videos
  • +1
  • Reviews

Step 9 − Check or uncheck if we want to be discoverable in search results.

Step 10 − Select who can see the people in circles.

  • Only you
  • Public
  • Your circles

Step 11 − Check or uncheck to show who has added us to the circles or not.