Google Plus - Optimizing a Page

Google+ is a powerful social engine because of its impressive features, number of powerful tools that are beneficial in a brand that is inimitable by any other social platform. The features of Google+ helps to make it a massive tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Following are some tips to remember while optimizing the page for search results −

  • Always be sure that your Google+ page should be linked to your website. We can even paste the link in the circles so that more number of people go through our link. We can also add Google+ badge to our website. This ensures more number of followers.

  • +1’s is very beneficial in optimizing our page for search result. Make sure the page has many likes.

  • Make sure to fill in the ‘About’ information, and fill in important business details −

    • Use an interesting introduction and give a clear idea of the business.

    • Make sure to fill the contact information which includes the phone no., address, etc.

    • Tagline should include a keyword because it is what will show in Google search, so make sure it is relevant.

  • Claim the Google local page as it helps in turning the page very high in search results near our area. Whether we have claimed the page or not, our customers can leave reviews, but claiming the Google page will list our page on the side bar.

Reclaiming a Page in Google+

Following are the steps to reclaim a page.

  • Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

  • Step 2 − Select the drop-down menu on the top left corner.

  • Step 3 − Choose the option ‘pages’.

  • Step 4 − Choose ‘local business or place’.

  • Step 5 − If new to the business, fill all the requirements of the page.

  • Step 6 − If the local page is created by default and customers are reviewing the page, then choose the ‘business’ from the Menu and click ‘Submit’.

  • Step 7 − Choose the option “How you want to get your verification code?’

  • Step 8 − Verify that code and the page has been claimed.

Optimizing Posts and Page for Sharing

If people find something our posts and pages engaging, they will like to share with their network.

Following are some things to keep in mind to optimize our posts/pages.

  • Make sure the content is great and attractive.

  • Make use of an editorial calendar to keep track of the posts.

  • Make sure the content is relevant to the page it is posted on.

  • Share the content using special keywords and phrases, using #hashtags before keywords will help the audience to find it quickly.

  • Choose the appropriate circles in which the content/posts should be shared. For example, when we share about the business, we should circulate these content in business circles only.

  • Promote the page in communities. The website should have a Google+ icon for directing any viewers to the page. Discuss about the page with potential customers online individually or in the group discussion.