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Google+ Communities play a major role in finding people with similar hobbies or interests. It helps to bring people together for discussing particular interests for example fashion, science, animals, etc. Communities are places where the users who are added to it share or ask specific questions or comments on a related topic. People can be invited to join the community and the page can be managed through pinned posts, hashtags, etc. A moderator can even police the person who shares anything unrelated to the community. In case we do not to receive notifications, we can turn them off from the community page.

We can create our own community. Before creating our profile, certain things to be kept in mind are −

  • Check the settings, to make sure whether it is to be public or private.

  • Photo gives the first impression. Hence, choose the photo wisely that portrays the community well.

  • 'About’ section is important. It is the section people use to acquire information about the community. Write clear and logical information about the community such that people understand the purpose of building the community and what we want to share through the community.

Creating a Community

Step 1 − Select ‘Communities’ from the navigation menu.


Step 2 − Click ‘Create Community’.

Create a Community

Step 3 − Choose the privacy option, whether the community should be ‘public’ or ‘private’.

Step 4 − Name the ‘Community’.

Name the Community

Step 5 − Click ‘Done’.

Click On Done

Step 6 − Add or invite people to the ‘Community’ and share the community to receive large audience.

Invite People

Difference Between Public and Private Community

Private Community − When we choose the private option for our community, we have to choose the option if people can search for our community or not.

Public Community − When we choose the public option for our community, we have to choose the option if people can ask for permission to join your community or not.

Make sure you choose this option carefully because you don't have option to alter your choice later.

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