Google Plus - Introduction

Google+ (Google Plus) is an interest-based social networking site owned by Google Inc. Launched in 2011, this platform brings together people with similar interest. Such group of people can build a community and share their ideas through photos and posts.

Google+ is unique in way in that it allows more transparency in what one shares and with whom it is shared. The Google+ menu bar is displayed on other Google services when one logs in the google account.

Google Plus

Some of the most prominent features of Google+ are as follows −

  • Posts where one can update the status.

  • Circles are used to share information with different groups.

  • Sparks offer videos that users might like.

  • Hangouts & Huddles are for video chat with a friend or a group of friends.

Google+ Versus Other Platforms

Google+ offers rich features like Hangouts, Google Events, Google Communities, Google Circles, etc. Other social platforms are standalone networking platforms. Google+ is integrated with all Google products and services.

Google+ helps to boost our SERP ranking, which is not possible with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whatever we post on Google+ gets indexed in a short span of time enhancing the real-time search. Google+ uses rich snippets to optimize results. This enhances the credibility points for every activity on Google+.

Google+ Personal Page

Google+ personal profile page is where we can upload our pictures. A personal profile page provides the flexibility to engage with people. The profile should be actual with accurate name and pictures which are easily accessible. The default is personal and everything we post is private. Google+ personal page represents an individual and we can manage it as an individual. Basically, the person who creates the profile can manage it. Members of the circle can only like or comment on our posts and photos.

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Business Profile Page

Google+ business page is similar to Facebook business page where our posts and uploaded pictures is visible to the users who like our page. We can comment or interact with people who comment on our business page. More than one person can use/manage the page unlike the personal profile page, where only the one has the right to maintain it.

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In this case, the default is public where anyone can like or comment on our page. Google+ page represents a business, brand, etc. hence we can name the page accordingly. Google+ business page has a feature ‘customer reviews’ which is not on personal profile page. It is a very efficient way to attract more users. Customer reviews makes the page look trustworthy to new users. The page also contains insights which shows how many people are engaging or viewing the page.