Google Plus - Photo & Video Settings

Using this setting, we can control which circle or people can see our videos/pictures. These settings are very easy and can be changed anytime.

How to Enable/Disable Photo or Video Settings

Let’s see how you can enable or disable the photo or video settings in Google+.

Step 1 − Open Google+ account.

Photo Video Setting

Step 2 − Click the hamburger Hamburger Icon icon from the left corner of the page.

Step 3 − Click Settings.

Step 4 − Under the General heading, tap the ‘classic Google+’ option.

Step 5 − Then, go to the option ‘photos and videos’.

Your Circles

Step 6 − Check or uncheck the option ‘Show your geo location by default’. This allows circles and friends to see where the photos were taken.

Step 7 − Check or uncheck the option ‘Allow viewers to download my photos and videos’. This will allow or restrict users to download photos/videos from our profile.

Step 8 − Check or uncheck the option of featuring publicly shared pictures as background on some Google products such as Chromecast, Google Fiber, Device wallpapers, etc. as required.

Step 9 − Check for uploading photos at full size.

Step 10 − Check or uncheck for whether the drive photos/videos should show in our Google+ library.

Step 11 − Check or uncheck as required, for making or not making new images and movies from the existing photos automatically by Google+.