Current Affairs December 2019 - Important Days


1 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)


The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Persons with Disabilities is observed annually on December 3rd to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities worldwide.

The theme for this 2019 IDPD is ‘Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda’. The theme focuses on the empowerment of persons with disabilities for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development as envisaged in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

2 - World AIDS Day observed


The United Nations' (UN) World AIDS Day is observed annually on December 1st to honor AIDS victims. It also focuses on issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. The day is observed often with education on AIDS prevention and control.

The theme of this year's World AIDS Day is "Communities make the difference". The theme focusses on the essential role that communities have played and continue to play in the AIDS response at the international, national and local levels.

3 - International Volunteer Day observed

International Volunteer Day

The United Nations (UN) annually observes the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on December 5. The theme for 2019 was ‘Volunteer for an inclusive future’. The day is viewed as a unique chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, to share their values and to promote their work among their communities.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme contributes to peace and development by advocating for the recognition of volunteers and working with partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming.

4 - World Soil Day observed

World Soil Day

World Soil Day (WSD) is held annually on 5 December as a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources. An international day to celebrate Soil was recommended by the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) in 2002.

The theme for 2019 was "Stop soil erosion, Save our future". World Soil Day 2019 (#WorldSoilDay) and its campaign based on the theme is envisaged to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems.

5 - International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Abolition of Slavery

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is celebrated on 2 December to raise awareness of the atrocities of modern slavery. The day highlights the importance of eradicating contemporary forms of slavery including trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation, child labour, forced marriage, etc.

The day marks the date of the adoption, by the General Assembly, of the United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others.

6 - International Day of Neutrality observed on 12 December

International Day of Neutrality

Every year on December 12th, the International Day of Neutrality promotes the importance of peaceful, friendly, and mutually beneficial relations between countries. Neutrality is defined as the legal status arising from the abstention of a state from all participation in a war between other states.

UN General Assembly declared 12 December as International Day of Neutrality, and called for marking the day by holding events aimed at enhancing public awareness of the value of neutrality in international relations.

7 - International Mountain Day observed on 11 December

Mountain Day

December 11, "International Mountain Day", was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003. The General Assembly "encouraged the international community to organize events at all levels on that day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development."

'Mountains matter for Youth' was the theme of this 2019 International Mountain Day. Theme highlights that youth will take the lead and demand that mountains and mountain peoples become central in the national and international development agendas.

8 - International Civil Aviation Day observed on 7 December

Civil Aviation

On 7 December of every year, International Civil Aviation Day (ICAD) is celebrated globally by United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations General Assembly began celebrating International Civil Aviation Day globally since 7 December 1996.

The theme of 2019 Civil Aviation Day was “75 Years of Connecting the World”. The purpose of International Civil Aviation Day is to help generate and reinforce worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation to the social and economic development of States.

9 - International Anti-Corruption Day observed on 9 December

Anti-Corruption Day

International Anti-Corruption Day has been observed annually, on 9 December, since the passage of the United Nations Convention against Corruption on 31 October 2003 to raise public awareness for anti-corruption. 2019 campaign, Zero Corruption - 100% Development, reinforced the idea that development can thrive only when societies tackle the root causes of corruption.

The campaign aims to bring together people from all walks of life in the fight against corruption, serving as a global call for action and raising awareness about the UN Convention against Corruption.

10 - International Universal Health Coverage Day observed on 12 December

Universal Health Coverage Day

On 12 December of every year, the Universal Health Coverage Day is celebrated globally. The day is promoted by the World Health Organization. The aim of Universal Health Coverage Day is - everyone, everywhere should have access to quality, affordable health care - as an essential priority for international development.

On 12 December 2017, the United Nations has proclaimed “12 December” as the International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day) by its resolution 72/138. The theme of 2019 was "Keep the promise.”

11 - Human Rights Day observed on 10 December

Human Rights Day

On 10 December of year, Human Rights Day is celebrated globally by the United Nations. 10th of December is the day that United Nations General Assembly adopted in the year 1948 as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 10th December, 2019 was marked as the 71th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The theme of 2019 Human Rights Day was ‘Youth Standing Up for Human Rights’. It aims to celebrate the potential of youth as constructive agents of change, amplify their voices, and engage a broad range of global audiences in the promotion and protection of rights.

12 - Armed Forces Flag Day observed on 7 December

Armed Forces

Armed Forces Flag Day is being observed annually on 7 December throughout the country to honor the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly fought on our borders to safeguard the country's honor. December 7 marks the annual Armed Forces Flag day in India since 1949.

The day is also dedicated towards collection of funds from people for welfare of Indian Armed forces personnel and to commemorate the soldiers, airmen and sailors of the armed forces for their yeomen services.

13 - International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime observed on 9 December

Commemoration and Dignity

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly established 9 December as the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime. 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the Convention.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the Genocide Convention and its role in combating and preventing the crime of genocide, as defined in the Convention, and to commemorate and honour its victims. The day pays tribute to the victims of the horrendous crime of genocide.

14 - International Migrants Day observed on 18 December

International Migrants Day

On 18 December of every year, International Migrants Day is celebrated by United Nations General Assembly. On 18 December 1990, the General Assembly had first adopted a resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.

The theme of 2019 was Migration and SDGs: ASEAN and Beyond: A Pathway to 2030 Agenda: Episode II’. It is celebrated through the dissemination of information on human rights and fundamental political freedoms of migrants.

15 - International Human Solidarity Day observed on 20 December

International Human Solidarity

On 20 December of every year, International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated by United Nations General Assembly. The objective of this celebration is to remind people on the importance of solidarity in working towards eradicating poverty. The major objectives are to eradicate poverty and promote human and social development in developing countries, specifically among the poorest segments of their populations.

It is a day to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements, a day to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity and a day of action to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

16 - National Farmers Day observed on 23 December

Farmers Day

Kisan Diwas or National Farmers’ Day was observed across India on December 23, in the honor of Chaudhary Charan Singh, the 5th Prime Minister of India who was born on this day. Chaudhary Charan Singh not only introduced a slew of policies to improve the lives and conditions of farmers in the country but also played a leading role in the agricultural sector of the country by introducing bills for farmers’ reforms.

Kisan Diwas is being celebrated every year to promote awareness among people about the importance of the farmers and overall economic development of the country.

17 - National Mathematics Day observed on 22 December

Mathematics Day

The National Mathematics Day is observed annually on the 22nd December on the birth anniversary of the great Indian Autodidact Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. He was considered as the master of the number theory, infinite series, mathematical analysis and equations without any formal training in pure mathematics. He had formulated more than 3900 mathematical results and equations.

The main objective behind the celebration of National Mathematics Day is to make people aware of the development of mathematics and its importance in the growth of humanity.

18 - 24 December observed as National Consumer Day

Consumer Day

National Consumer Day observed on Dec 24. The objective is to highlight the importance of the consumer movement and the need to make every consumer more aware of their rights and responsibilities. The theme of 2019 was “Timely Disposal of Consumer Complaints”.

On this day the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted. The Act aims to provide consumers with effective safeguards against different types of exploitation, such as defective goods, deficiency in services and unfair trade practices.

19 - Good Governance Day observed on 25 December

Good Governance Day

Good Governance Day is annually celebrated on birth anniversary of former Indian Prime Minister, Bharat Ratna recipient, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was born on 25th December. Good Governance Day was established in 2014 to honor Prime Minister Vajpayee by fostering awareness among the Indian people of accountability in government. Good Governance Day has been declared to be a working day for the government.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the 10th Prime Minister of India, first for 13 days in 1996 and then from 1998 to 2004. He was elected to the Lok Sabha seven times.