Antenna Theory - Types of Antennas

Antennas have to be classified to understand their physical structure and functionality more clearly. There are many types of antennas depending upon the applications applications.

Type of antenna Examples Applications
Wire Antennas Dipole antenna, Monopole antenna, Helix antenna, Loop antenna Personal applications, buildings, ships, automobiles, space crafts
Aperture Antennas Waveguide (opening), Horn antenna Flush-mounted applications, air-craft, space craft
Reflector Antennas Parabolic reflectors, Corner reflectors Microwave communication, satellite tracking, radio astronomy
Lens Antennas Convex-plane, Concave-plane, Convex-convex, Concaveconcave lenses Used for very highfrequency applications
Micro strip Antennas Circular-shaped, Rectangularshaped metallic patch above the ground plane Air-craft, space-craft, satellites, missiles, cars, mobile phones etc.
Array Antennas Yagi-Uda antenna, Micro strip patch array, Aperture array, Slotted wave guide array Used for very high gain applications, mostly when needs to control the radiation pattern

Let us discuss the above-mentioned types of antennas in detail, in the coming chapters.