Sublime Text - Theme Management

Theme management in Sublime text editor implies enhancing the appearance of editor with colors and attractive backgrounds. Themes are JSON formatted values with .sublime-theme extension and manage the appearance of the user interface of the editor by changing the colors of elements of the IDE.

Installing and Applying Themes

The following steps will guide you about installing and applying themes in Sublime Text editor −

Step 1 − Use the Install Package of the Sublime Text to install package for themes, as shown in the screenshot here −

Theme Management Step1

Step 2 − You can see a list of options with Install Package option and you can download them and install in Sublime Text editor.

Theme Management Step2

Step 3 − Once you select a theme, activate it.

Theme Management Step3

Step 4 − Now select your desired theme from the list of installed theme list. This automatically changes the appearance of the editor.

Theme Management Step4

Color Schemes

Color schemes are XML formatted files located at the Packages folder with color schemes. They are an awesome way for the customization of Sublime text colors, unlike themes which are specific to UI elements.

You can choose color schemes using option Preferences → Color Scheme. Refer to the following screenshot that shows the same.

Color Schemes

Color Schemes2

Color schemes include various options such as Breakers, Mariana, Monokai, and Sixteen. The appearance of the editor depends on the color scheme that you choose. Note that these patterns will only focus on color syntax.

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