Sublime Text - Batch Processing

Batch processing in Sublime Text also refers to Build systems. Build systems helps user to run files through external programs such as make, tidy and interpreters.

The following points are worth notable while working with Build systems −

  • They are JSON files and have the extension .sublime-build.

  • To initiate the build process, you can select the option Tools → Build or the shortcut Ctrl+B on Windows and Cmd+B for OSX system.

Recall that throughout this tutorial, we are focusing on Python files. Sublime text includes two build modes for python files.

Batch Processing Python Files

Once the build for Python is completed, you can observe the following output on the editor −

Output Build for Python is Completed

You can see the list of build results created for the specific project in Sublime Text editor using the option Tools → Build Results → Show Build Results.

Tools-Build Results-Show Build Results.

Note that build systems and the complete files associated with batch processing must be located under the Packages folder (Packages/user). Many packages in Sublime Editor include their own build systems.

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