Sublime Text - Macros

Macros are the basic automation facility that includes a sequence of commands. You can use macros whenever you need to perform an operation which includes same steps.

Macro files are JSON files with an extension called .sublime-micro and are considered to be very helpful.

Recording a Macro

Recording a macro defines the procedure to keep a set of commands needed for the given file. You can record a macro in two ways −

  • Use the shortcut key Ctrl+Q for recording a macro in Windows and Cmd+Q in Mac.

  • Use the record option in Tools → Record Macro.

Tools -> Record Macro

Once the macro has started recording, you can see the following message in Sublime Text editor −

Message in Sublime Text Editor

Playing a Macro

You can use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Q on Windows and Cmd+Shift+Q for Mac, to play a macro recorded by the user in Sublime Text. Note that this shortcut plays the last recorded macro in Sublime.

Saving a Macro

You can save a recorded macro using the option Tools → Save Macro. The following screenshot shows how to save a macro using this option.

Tools -> Save Macro

You can also redefine the macros using various options in Tool menu bar, as shown below −

Redefine the Macros
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