Sublime Text - Distraction Free Mode

Distraction Free Mode in Sublime Text editor allows displaying the code and files full screen. You can enter distraction free mode via option View → Enter distraction mode menu item.

Distraction Free Mode View_Option

Once the distraction mode is enabled in the Sublime Text editor, the output will be visible as below −

Distraction Mode is Enabled

All UI chrome accessible items are hidden, but accessible in distraction mode.


All the properties of customization of distraction free mode of Sublime Text editor are included in Distraction Free.sublime-settings JSON file as shown in the screenshot given below.

Customization of Distraction Free Mode

The following screenshot shows the properties included in Distraction free mode of Sublime editor −

Distraction free mode of Sublime editor

Note that the attributes like line_numbers, gutter, draw_centered, wrap_width, word_wrap and scroll_past_end are such that they enable attractive distraction free mode.

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