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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following are supported browsers for SAP Solution Manager?

A - Microsoft IE

B - Mozilla Firefox

C - Google Chrome

D - Apple Safari

E - All of the above

Answer : E


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • IE11 Desktop (recommended)
    • IE7-IE10 until Jan 2016
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Latest Extended Support Release Cycle (SAP recommended)
    • Latest Rapid Release Cycle (a backup browser is needed)
  • Google Chrome
    • Latest Release Cycle for Windows
  • Apple Safari
    • On OS X for 3 years from version release date

Q 2 - While defining Business blue print, you have to select source system, which of the following is an available option?

A - Business Process Repository

B - Project

C - Solution

D - A & B

E - A, B & C

Answer : E

Q 4 - In SAP Solman, Landscape management database LMDB gets all its information from -------------- where all the system register itself?

A - Process Integration

B - System Landscape Directory

C - Technical Monitoring

D - Software Update Manager

Answer : B


LMDB gets all the information from the System Landscape Directory SLD where all the system register itself. Most of the technical systems contains data suppliers that provides direct information to SLD for registration.

Q 5 - Which of the following roles are required to perform Work Center Technical Administration?





Answer : D


Following roles are required to perform Work mode management and IT calendar activities −

SAP_SM_DTM_DISWork Mode Management (Display authorization)
SAP_ITCALENDERDisplay of Work Modes in IT Calendar
SAP_NOTIF_DISPNotification Management
SAP_SMWORK_SYS_ADMINWork Center: Technical Administration

Q 6 - Guided procedures Authoring in Solution Manager can be used to achieve following activities?

A - To perform complex processes.

B - Business critical processes can be executed with less risk.

C - You can speed up the processes.

D - All of the above

Answer : D

Q 7 - In SAP Solman Test Management Work Center, which of the following option is used to ensure how business processes will respond after changes?

A - TBOM Worklist

B - BP Change Analyzer

C - Tester Worklist

D - Test Repository

Answer : B


BP Change Analyzer, to analyze changes to system. You can use this to ensure how business processes will respond after changes.

Answer : A


This used is required to perform single or periodic operation activities and to check the status of all the activities using GP log book.

Required roles under IT Task Planning


Q 9 - Which of the following process deals with system alerts using monitoring service or by key users?

A - Change Management

B - Incident Management

C - Business Process Management

D - IT Task Management

Answer : B


When an issue occurs in SAP system, an end user can create an incident message. Incident Management process deals with resolving incidents, raised by end users, system alerts using monitoring service or by key users. Incident, Problem and Change Management is part of IT Service Management Work Center in Solution Manager that provides central management of processes and messages.

Q 10 - Which of the following can be used to raise a change request in SAP Solman?

A - From Business Blueprint

B - From a Solution

C - From a Roadmap

D - From an Incident

E - A, B & C

F - All of these

Answer : F


A Change request can be created from the following reference objects −

  • From WebUI Client
  • From an Existing Template
  • From Business Blueprint
  • From a Solution
  • From a Roadmap
  • From an Incident
  • From a Job Request
  • From System Recommendations
  • From a Project Task