SAP Solman - Test Management

In SAP Solution Manager, you can perform the test-management process central and execute tests for cross system business processes.

Test Management involves the following steps −

  • Defining Test Scope
  • Test Planning
  • Testing
  • Transfer changes to production

To perform Test Management activities, you can use Test Management Work Center- to create, manage, and execute test plans.

SAP Work Centers
  • Under Test Preparation, you can create a report that allows you to get an overview of your business processes and status.

  • TBOM worklist, is used to display your TBOM edit task

  • BP Change Analyzer, to analyze changes to system. You can use this to ensure how business processes will respond after changes.

  • Test Plan Management − You can perform the following functions in Test Management Work Center → Test Management Plan −

    • To create Test Plan − Select Test Plan → Create Test Plan

    • To copy Test Plan − Select Test Plan → Copy Test Plan

    • To change Test Plan − Select Test Plan → Edit Test Plan

    • To change the Attributes of a Test Plan − Click Goto → Attributes

    • To transport Test Plan − Select Test Plan → Transport Test Plan

    • To create and Assign Test Packages − Click Goto → Test Package Management

    • To sort Test Cases in Test Sequences − Click Goto → Sequences

    • To assign Testers to Test Cases − Click Goto → Sequences

  • Tester Worklist − This is used to directly access all the test cases assigned to you.

  • Test Repository − You can use this to create and edit automated test cases.